Product Overview

The Product Overview page offers a quick product preview and product editing.

Toret WooCommerce Manager - Product Overview (Light Mode)

Screen Functions


The search function allows you to search products in your store. You can search in full text.

Product Preview

The Product Preview provides basic information about the product, such as:

  • preview image,
  • title,
  • stock,
  • price.

Update Note

The note in the bottom left corner provides information about the last update and amount of displayed products.

Data is shown as following:

Date of the last update
Products loaded in the app / Total amount of products in the store

Control Icons

Use the icon in the bottom right corner to change how the items are displayed.

sort by (ID / last update)

filter products by type

Toret WooCommerce Manager - Product Overview (Light Mode)

Product Details

The page with product details contains basic settings. You can change them here as well.

Toret WooCommerce Manager - product detail first part (Light mode)

What can you find on this page?

Top Bar

The top bar includes:

  • icon to return to the product overview,
  • product name and ID,
  • icon with a link to the product in the shop administration,
  • bulb icon offering a tip on how to edit your content.

Page Content

TIP: You can edit an item by clicking on it. An empty item is marked with a dash.

Product Image Preview

  • expand the picture by clicking on it.


  • type,
  • product tagged as virtual,
  • status,
  • visibility.

Product Data

  • regular price,
  • sale price,
  • SKU,
  • manage stock,
  • stock status,
  • sold individually,
  • weight,
  • length,
  • width,
  • height.

You can also edit the product‘s:

  • short description,
  • description,
  • categories,
  • tags,
  • reviews.

Product Removal

Scroll down to remove the product. This option is permanent and deletes all product data.

Toret WooCommerce Manager - product detail first part (Light mode)