Order Overview

The page with an order overview provides a quick preview of the orders placed in the e-shop.

Toret WooCommerce Manager - Order Overview (Light Mode)

Screen functions


This function serves for searching through orders placed in the store. You can search using order ID, customer’s name or e-mail.


Manage notifications by clicking on the bell icon. Here you can:

  • activate new order notifications,
  • activate notifications about a change of the order status,
  • set intervals for an order check,
  • set number of orders that can be downloaded to the application.

E-shop Settings

The icon consisting of three dots displays the menu with settings and tools for the selected e-shop.

  • Statistics – shows basic e-shop statistics.
  • Tag all as read
  • E-shop settings – shows advanced settings.

Order preview

Shows basic information about the order. You can find here:

  • order ID,
  • customer’s name,
  • current order status,
  • when was the order placed, and
  • value of the order.

The order tab can also contain buttons for a quick change of status:

changes the order status to Processing

changes the order status to Completed

If the order status is already set to ‘Processing’ or ‘Completed’, the icon for a quick change of status is hidden. This principle is based on the WooCommerce Order Action in the order overview.

Update Information

Information on the latest update and the number of displayed orders can be found in the bottom left corner.

Data are displayed as follows:

Last updated on:
Loaded orders in the application / Total number of orders in the store

Control Icons

There are three icons in the bottom right corner that affect how orders are displayed.

launches order synchronization.

sorts orders (from highest ID / from the most recently edited)

filters displayed orders by basic WooCommerce statuses

Toret WooCommerce Manager - Order Overview (Light Mode)

Order Details

The Order Details page contains information about the order. If you are using our shipping or billing plugins, you can download an invoice, a proforma invoice or a shipping label from here.

Toret WooCommerce Manager - order detail first part (Light mode)

What can you find on this page?

TIP: You can edit an item by clicking on it. An empty item is marked with a dash.

Top bar

The top bar includes

  • icon to return to the coupon overview page,
  • order ID,
  • bulb icon offering a tip on how to edit your content.


Here you can find general information about the order:

  • when was it placed,
  • when was it paid for,
  • payment method used,
  • order status – active item, display a new window to change the order status by clicking on the current status,
  • customer (if registered).

Billing Information

  • name,
  • surname,
  • company name,
  • street address,
  • further address specification,
  • city,
  • post code,
  • state,
  • country / region,
  • email,
  • phone number.


This section contains customer’s shipping information and customer’s note. You may see following fields:

  • name,
  • surname,
  • company name,
  • street address,
  • further address specification,
  • city,
  • post code,
  • state,
  • country / region.

Order Items

This section displays basic information about ordered items. The orange field contains number of items, product name and price without VAT. The white field contains summary:

  • subtotal of all items without VAT,
  • shipping price without VAT,
  • total VAT,
  • value of applied coupon,
  • total order price incl. VAT.

If any of the field contains zero value, the row is hidden.


The application can directly connect to data from WooCommerce plugins (Toret Zásilkovna, Toret Fakturoid, Toret iDoklad, and Toret Vyfakturuj). If you use these plugins, the order detail will contain the option to download:

  • Zásilkovna label,
  • invoices (Fakturoid, Vyfakturuj, iDoklad),
  • proforma invoices (Fakturoid, Vyfakturuj, iDoklad),

Downloaded document can be printed or sent by an e-mail (depending on your preferences in your phone settings).

Order notes

This section contains notes on the specific order; the notes are marked as:

  • private,
  • for the customer.

Delete Item

Scroll down to remove the order. This option is permanent and deletes the order data from the shop as well.

Toret WooCommerce Manager - order detail first part (Light mode)