Uploading images

Use the app to upload a product image while you create or edit your product. Read below to find out how to activate the function.

Změna obrázku pomocí Toret WooCommerce Manager

Application Password

The Application Password autheticates users without having to enter passwords. That is why it is crucial to protect created passwords and save them to in safe location.

This new function has been integrated to WordPress 5.6. If you are using an older version of WordPress, you can easily add the function using the Application Password plugin.

How to create Application Passwords for users?

Sign up to WordPress and open Users → All Users. Select the user you want to create the password for. We recommend to choose the same user, for whom you have created REST API keys in WooCommerce.

Find section Application Password in the user settings. Enter a password name (only for personal purposes, it is not public) and click on Add New Application Password.

Application Passwords

After clicking on the button, an Application Password generates. Copy or save this password, because it cannot be retrieved again, similarly like REST API keys. However, new password can be created, if needed.

Generated password

Now open your Toret WooCommerce Manager mobile app. While editing or creating a product, click on the image and select Change.

Change image - Toret WoCommerce Manager

The application asks you to enter the username you use to log in to the website and the application password you created in the previous steps. Enter information and save.

The password should be entered in the same format as it is in WordPress, including spaces.

Application Password Toret WooCommerce Manager

All set! Now you can change the image anytime when you create or edit your product.

Did you enter the password or username wrong?

If you enter a wrong username or password, an “Authentication failed” message pops up when you try to add an image. Keep calm, both entries can be easily edited.

  1. Go to the online store in the app where you will find an overview of cards.
  2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Store settings.
  4. Under the WordPress category, there is an option to change the WordPress REST API username and password.
Change image - Toret WoCommerce Manager