E-shop Overview

You can view all your added e-shops on the e-shop overview page. You can also manage basic app settings and connection to e-shops from here.

Toret WooCommerce Manager - e-shop overview (Light mode)

What can you find on this screen?


A gear wheel icon in the upper right corner opens the basic app settings.

The settings offer the following options:

  • Reset application – resets application to factory settings and deletes all data.
  • Enable fingerprint security – enable to force fingerprint authentication when launching the application.
  • Enable Lock Screen credentials security – enable to force Lock Screen credentials authentication when starting the application.
  • Documentation – opens online documentation of the application.
  • Version – your current installed version.
  • Send feedback – opens a default e-mail client of the device with a pre-filled e-mail address where you can send your comments.
  • Privacy policy – link our the page on Privacy Policy.
  • General terms and conditions – link to our page on Terms and Conditions.

Store Tab

The store tab is displayed if an e-shop is connected to the application. The tab shows the following information:

  • name of the store saved in the application,
  • URL,
  • time of the latest update,
  • a new order notification icon, and
  • an icon signifying if notifications are on/off.

The information about the added e-shop can be edited by clicking the store tab. A similar window opens as when creating a store, you can edit the information here.

Control Icons

There are two icons in the bottom right corner of the launch screen:

load current data manually

add another e-shop

Toret WooCommerce Manager - e-shop overview (Light mode)