Coupon Overview

The Coupon Overview page provides a quick preview of all coupons in the online store.

Toret WooCommerce Manager - Coupon Overview (Light Mode)

Screen Functions


The search function allows you to search coupons of your store. You can search in full text.

E-shop Settings

Use the three-dot icon to open settings and tools for your e-shop.

  • Delete orders from the app database – deletes internal database of the application. The orders will not be deleted from the e-shop.
  • API Zásilkovna password – if you are using Toret Packeta plugin, enter API Zásilkovna password to download labels to the application

Coupon Preview

The coupon preview provides basic information about the coupon, such as:

  • coupon name,
  • discount type,
  • coupon amount.

Update Note

The note in the bottom left corner provides information about the last update and amount of displayed items.

Data is shown as following:

Date of the last update
Items loaded in the app / Total amount of items in the store

Control Icons

Action icons can be found in the bottom right corner.

Create a coupon.

Filter displayed coupons by discount type.

Toret WooCommerce Manager - Coupon Overview (Light Mode)

Coupon Details

The Coupon Details page contains basic information about the coupon. You can edit them here as well.

Toret WooCommerce Manager - Coupon detail (Light Mode)

What can you find on this page?

Top Bar

The top bar includes:

  • icon to return to the coupon overview page,
  • customer ID,
  • icon with a link to the coupon in the shop administration,
  • bulb icon offering a tip on how to edit your content.

Page Content

TIP: You can edit an item by clicking on it. An empty item is marked with a dash.


  • discount type,
  • coupon amount,
  • expiration date,
  • amount of uses.


  • coupon description

Usage Restrictions

  • minimum spend,
  • maximum spend,
  • individual use only,
  • exclude sale items,
  • products,
  • exclude products,
  • product categories,
  • excluded categories,
  • allowed emails.

Usage Limit

  • limit,
  • limit to amount of products,
  • usage limit per user.

Delete Item

Scroll down to remove the coupon. This option is permanent and deletes all product data in the shop as well.

Toret WooCommerce Manager - Coupon detail (Light Mode)