Manage orders, products, coupons, reviews and customers in your WooCoommerce e-shop quickly, easy and directly from your phone or tablet with our Android App.

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Toret WooCommerce Manager Preview

When and how to use the application?

Stop being tied up to your computer or laptop. Solve order management issues on the go.

Toret WooCommerce Manager

View, edit, and all done

Store management can’t be easier than this

Use the app to view and edit orders, products, coupons, reviews and customers, and view your sales statictis on the go.







What can the application do?

Explore the essential functions.

New order
No more constant checking your e-mails or the WooCommerce administration. The app will inform you about new orders through notifications.
Connection through
The application connects to the e-shop using WooCommerce REST API. You don’t have to install any special WordPress plugin.
number of e-shops
You can use the application for an unlimited number of WooCommerce e-shops. It’s only up to you how many you add.
Order status
If you work in a team, or you want to be informed about a change of the order status (for example to match a bank transfer using a Toret FIO plugin), you can turn on the order status notifications.
Quick change
of the order status
The order overview contains buttons to quickly change the order status. Their functionality is the same as in WooCommerce, the order status can be set to ‘Processing’ and ‘Completed’.
Online fulltext
The app contains an online full-text search that allows you to look for orders using their ID, name, or e-mail of the customer.
Order status
You can easily change the order status in the order detail. After your order is ready to ship, simply change its status.
Filter orders
by status
The order overview allows you to easily filter the orders according to their status. Simply click on the icon in the bottom right corner and select the desired WooCommerce status.
Filter orders by
shipping method
The order section allows you to easily filter the orders by the shipping method. Simply click on the icon in the bottom right corner and choose.
Sales statistics
The application also provides sales statistics. You can view the stats on total sales, number of orders or number of items. All that in daily, weekly or annual overview.

Dark mode

You can switch the app’s design between light and dark mode according to your liking.

Full localization
for EN, CZ and SK
We translated the application into English, Czech and Slovak at the very beginning to make its use as comfortable as possible.
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Integration with Toret plugins

Make your job easier with more integration

Compatible with Toret Packeta

Compatible with Toret Zásilkovna

The application is compatible with the Toret Packeta plugin. If you use it in your e-shop, you can use it to download a shipping label, return label or track the order through Packeta.

Compatible with Toret

Compatible with Toret invoicing plugins

The application is compatible with Toret iDoklad, Fakturoid and Vyfakturuj plugins. If you use them on your website, you can download the order’s invoice or proforma invoice by clicking on the order detail.

Instalace na Google Play

App previews

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